Who can be in Rosalums?

Anyone ages 22 and older that has had any involvement in the Camp Allen summer camp program–camper, staffer, adult volunteer, etc.

My spouse/significant other didn’t go to camp, can he/she join?


I live out of state, can I still join?

Yes! We will get you connected if there are other Camp Allen alumni in your area.

Are my kids invited to events?

Some events will be family friendly, while others will be for adults only. We’ll be sure to let you know for each event.

How much are dues?

$35 for 1 membership or $50 for a dual membership (you and your spouse/significant other)

Do I have to pay dues every year?

In order to get access to the fun social and fundraising events, annual dues are necessary

Are dues considered a charitable donation?

Yes! Check your member profile for a link to your donation receipt.

What are the dues going towards?

Dues help offset expenses for the organization, and any profit at year end goes back to the summer camp program

When are dues renewed?

Dues are renewed annually on June 1st. You can choose to have them auto-drafted when you complete your initial member application. This setting can be changed any time in your member profile.

What types of events are there?

Rosalums will host an annual fundraising event, a large annual social event, a volunteer weekend at camp, plus regional meet-ups (i.e. happy hours, picnics, concerts, etc.)

What kind of swag can we get?

We have t-shirts available for purchase along with koozies and stickers.